Panic Picture – Fast-Paced Story-Telling Reflection Tool

One of the latest group activities to be uploaded to playmeo’s online activity database is Panic Picture.

Inspired by our friends at We and Me! it’s a simple and fascinating story-telling game that can be used as an icebreaker, trust exercise, group initiative and especially, as a reflection tool.

All you need to present this fun, fast-paced game is a bunch of images or photographs to show to your group.

Note, if you happen to be presenting an online session and you’re a playmeo member, then you’ll love the pre-recorded 10-minute video we have created that is ready to show to your group right now.

I’ve used it a couple of times now to not only generate fun and energy during my session but also to inspire the creative juices of my group. While challenging at times, it does honour choice (of course) and is often hilarious.


Benefits of Story-Telling Games


If your group really gets into this story-telling game, you’ll also discover that Panic Picture lends itself nicely to being presented as a series of rounds, providing opportunities for your group to continuously improve – which makes it ideal for team-building programs.

There is an art to story-telling and there is no doubt that it gets better with practice. Add a little competitive edge and you can expect this game will keep your group on the edge of their seats. Story-telling inspires creativity, builds confidence in public-speaking and can really help your group to feel more comfortable sharing in front of others.

Best of all, you can’t get it wrong and, in my experience, is tons of funn.

Try it today!

Open Panic Picture



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