NEW – Latest Activity Uploads

Every month or so, I like to bring you, dear reader, up to date with the latest activity uploads to our online activity database.

The last time I did this was late in 2022, so I have some catching up to do, too.

Ten or more activities have been uploaded since then, not to mention a bunch of new variations, leadership tips and programming advice. Featuring a wide variety of activities, here’s a quick glimpse of some of our brand-new favourites.


Upside Down

While a little intensive in terms of equipment and resources, this group initiative is a real gem. It’s totally fun, but also really challenging for most groups to accomplish well, whatever that means. It’s ideally suited to the outdoors, and even better if the weather is warm to hot. Hint, this activity involves water.


Story Swap

Hand holding a We Engage card playing Story SwapMy good friend Chad Littlefield offers this wonderfully insightful partner activity, using his equally fantastic We Engage Cards. Grab these cards, or pull together your own set of evocative images, and distribute them among your group. There are many variations, and all of them invite story-telling and sharing in a safe space. Without exception, the use of this activity always, always, always stirs up stories that the rest of one’s group does not know.



Two people playing Chopsticks

I learned this fast-paced partner game from the son and daughter of close family friends, who as ten-year-olds could not wait to teach me, because they knew of my interest in fun games. Perfect for any size group, you need nothing more than a few minutes to describe and/or demonstrate the rules, and then all you have to do is form pairs and observe the interplay. The more you play, the more you learn what it takes to win. So, yes, this is intensely competitive, but in the funnest way possible.


Texas Big Foot

Group playing Texas Big Foot

This quick, simple and very effective energiser is inspired by none other than Karl Rohnke. I’ll never forget my first time trying to achieve this group stunt, only to discover that it wasn’t possible. Or is it? You tell me. All you need is a large wide open space, and a group willing to challenge boundaries as they take three giant steps.


Porcupine Progression

Porcupine Progression puzzle

Another one inspired by Karl Rohnke, this team puzzle has been a staple of my repertoire for 33+ years. Full disclosure, I never worked out the solution on my own – I had to rely on someone much smarter than me to show me the way. The solution is equal parts brilliant and simple wrapped in a stunning design. And don’t worry – if you can’t work out this puzzle either, let me know and I’ll send you a photo of the solution.


Remember, these are only half of what has been uploaded recently.

Be sure to check out the full list here (note, uploads are listed by most recent by default.)

Have FUNN.


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