New Health & Wellness Programming Attributes

As much as this update has been on the cards for a while, I am also pleased to say that we have received overwhelming support for our decision to upload new health & wellness programming content as part of our online activity database.

So, if you have ever wondered how interactive group games & activities could be used for the purposes of developing health & well-being, then this announcement will be welcome and exciting news to you.


New Search Attributes


There are three key ways for members and users to search our ever-expanding activity database:

  1. Activity Type – you know, ice-breakers, team building, energisers, debriefing, etc;
  2. Program Outcome – what are you trying to get done, such as learn names, build trust & empathy, have fun and develop team skills; and
  3. Learning Theme – think in terms of context, such as leadership, collaboration, creativity and mathematics.

In our effort to embrace new health & wellness content, we are adding the following new search terms:

  • Type – Health & Wellness – activities that are primarily designed to build health & wellness;
  • Outcome – Enhance Well-being – content to help you nourish and enhance the well-being of your group;
  • Theme – Social & Emotional Learning (SEL,) Resilience, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence – activity descriptions that are focused on these four topics.

This means, when you are browsing playmeo’s database, you will be able to search for activities by these new programming attributes. A new tab inside the activity detail page called Health & Wellness Programming will feature this new content, ie in addition to Step by Step Instructions, Popular Variations and Reflection Strategies.

For example, you will soon be able to find specific activity content that will help your group exercise mindfulness, or adapt an existing activity for the purposes of SEL or perhaps reframe your existing experiential programs through a well-being lens.

We intend this new content to be concise, helpful and entirely practical. Starting with these six new attributes, we want to equip you with a wide variety of activity ideas and tools to help you enhance the well-being of your groups.




Owing to the size of playmeo’s activity database (445+ activities to date,) this update will take a loooooong time to complete, but we are about to start.

You can expect to see the new Health & Wellness Programming tab pop up in May 2021.


Want To Help?


playmeo is enlisting the support of a team of authors who work in the health & wellness space right now. Once onboard, this team will upload the new content, one activity at a time, until we are done.

Naturally, all new activities will already be imbued with these new programming attributes, where applicable.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please reach out to us and tell us what you have in mind.

Join The Team



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