New Health & Wellness Activities To Try

With each passing week, playmeo has been busy uploading many new activities, particularly those with a health & wellness and SEL (social-emotional learning) focus.

If you’re looking to embrace and nurture the health & wellness of your groups – especially now that millions of young people are about to return to school in the northern hemisphere – I hope you enjoy many of the latest additions to our database.

Here are three of our most innovative activities to whet your appetite:


Calming Visualisations

In this activity, we provide 5 x ready-to-read scripts to help you lead these calming visualisation with success. You can of course create your own, but if mindfulness practices or visualisations are new to you, then these expertly written scripts will be really useful. Enjoy the calm this activity will bring not only to your group but your program.

Inspiring Check-Ins

Checking in with my groups at the start of my sessions – both in-person and online – has been one of the greatest tools I have learned to master in the past year. People really appreciate being asked how they are travelling, so much so, any residual issues sometimes fall away as a result. In this case, these check-ins are all about inspiring your group to succeed in the period ahead. Again, if you don’t know where to start, we offer a sample worksheet to inspire you.

Drawing Breath

This exercise is a creative art, visualisation and mindfulness activity all rolled into one. All you need to get started are a bunch of crafty materials like pens and papers, and then distribute these to your group before finding a comfortable spot to rest and contemplate. Naturally, to help you get off to a good start, you can download a sample script to guide your group through this exercise. And then, the sky’s the limit.


New Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Content


Finally, and in response to the requests from dozens of our members over the past year, we have started updating our entire activity database with new SEL content.

Aligned with the five core SEL competencies as guided by CASEL, we are really excited to meet this important and urgent programmatic need.

Our first 50 activities have been updated and we expect the entire database will be complete before year’s end.

If you’re new to social-emotional learning or how it can influence character education, click here for more.


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