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Mousetrap Dominoes

Last week, I attended the annual ACCT (Assoc of Challenge Course Technology) conference just out of Austin Texas, USA.

What a treat to mix, share and learn from many of my peers, some of whom I met for the first time. Keep on eye out on playmeo as I slowly share many of the new activity ideas I learned…

…including this completely impromptu and new group initiative which I am calling Mousetrap Dominoes – what a hoot!

Watch the video to see what happens. Thanks to Sam Sikes for inspiring this exercise.


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    • Mark Collard

      Hi Kristen, thank you for your question. Yes, we set all of the mouse traps much earlier in the program, used them for an activity, and then wanting to do something fun, we tenderly aligned them first in a straight line and then a circle. But be CAREFUL – we started with 40 set traps, but in the process of aligning them in a circle, about 10 of them snapped (to enormous squeals of delight and horror!!). Have FUNN…