Learning Together Is Best

I’m an avid follower of Seth Godin, an inspiring thought leader of our time. His latest post got me musing…

When you think of groups like AA, Toastmasters, Scouts, book clubs, cell groups, community theatre, fitness groups, etc, there is a pattern.

We learn best when we are learning together, as a group.

As Seth says, today, more than any time in history, it is easy to be exposed to education. Just think of all the online courses it is possible to access.

But, it is altogether another thing to actually learn. Consider how easy it is to ‘drop-out’ when you’re not connected to others, and consequently, you are less able to play, share & learn.

So, being efficient is not nearly enough to cause learning. Being in a group facilitates the process of learning – it helps make it happen. Learning together makes it happen.

Which is WHY I love the context in which I operate – working with groups. Not individuals. Not online. But in groups. I love the energy, the synergy, and the fun.

A personal story to illustrate what I mean…

For years I swam with a group of friends at a local pool before we all went off to work. I was responsible for picking up two mates on the way to the pool. The only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that I knew my friends would be waiting for me. And the expected pick-up was the only reason my friends got out of bed each of these mornings, too.

Yet, as much as we all enjoyed the swim, invariably, if one of us had to cancel, none of us would go – we could all easily put an excuse in the way. Such is the power of groups.


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