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Launch of NEW Member Benefits

Existing subscribers to playmeo’s activity database now have a host of new member benefits added to their premium subscriptions.

The biggest and most exciting new feature is the ability to UPLOAD ACTIVITY IDEAS to share with other educators and program leaders around the world. Until now, only selected expert practitioners such as Mark Collard, have been permitted to upload activities, not anymore.

All of our premium subscribers can SHARE COMMENTS and variations to any activity at any time, as well as RATE their usefulness (our of 5 stars.)

Finally, every subscriber can ‘pimp’ their profile to help others learn more about them and their program expertise. This is a great way to connect with other like-minded playmeo users from all over the world, or perhaps, with someone in your home town you did not know about!

There are more than 310 ACTIVITIES hosted in the database, with more than 220 VIDEO TUTORIALS, with another 25 activities on the way.

If you’re not already a (paid-up) subscriber, click here to sign-up today.


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