Latest Activity Uploads

Looking back, I can see that it’s been many months since I offered a quick overview of the latest fun group games & activities that have been recently uploaded to our online database. So, I have a bit of catching up to do.

If you’re looking for a bunch of new group problem-solving activities, you’ll be very happy. And if you’re looking to add new ice-breaking, fun and interactive games to your repertoire, you’ll also be satisfied.

Let’s take a look at the latest activity uploads…


Problem-Solving Activities


Phones & Faxes

Once called Quail Shooter’s Delight – and changed for obvious reasons – this very fun and chaotic group initiative has featured in my toolkit for 30+ years but only now gets to see the light of day. Armed with a LOT of soft tossable items, you’ll be ready to play. Phones & Faxes is ideal for exploring planning, creativity and teamwork issues.

The Ladder

Oh dear. This is possibly one of the most challenging group activities I know. All you need is a standard 3-4 metre ladder, and a bit of open space. This will push your group in ways it may never have been challenged before – physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but I promise you if your group is well prepared, it will propel to new levels of confidence and teamwork. Take a look.

Blind Polygon

This problem-solving exercise is a classic. Ample opportunities for ways to challenge your group. You can pitch the challenge across the full spectrum of easy to very difficult, but all variations will invite your group to step outside their Comfort Zones. All you need is a long rope and a bunch of blindfolds, ie shutting your eyes for 50-10 minutes can be quite burdensome at times.


Interactive Exercises


Paradigm Shift

I just presented this very simple, quick and yet powerful finger stunt with a conference of 260+ people, and it landed with a thud. Indeed, it was featured in the recap video of the three-day event. This 1-minute exercise can be conducted anywhere, it needs no props and works with any number of people. If inviting your group to explore what it means to view things from a different perspective is useful, then you must take a look at this game.

If… Then

Shared by my good friend and colleague Chad Littlefield, this wonderfully creative partner-sharing exercise is relatively new to me. When sequenced carefully within your opening activities, it will inspire your group to think more creatively and feel more comfortable sharing with one another. Other than the laughter it will trigger, this simple no-props style activity will bring joy to your group and open the channels of interaction and communication.


These five activities are just some of the latest activity uploads.

Click the link below to explore them all.

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