Indoor team-building activities allow people of all ages to collaborate in problem-solving games. These games are designed to encourage fluid communication, co-worker respect & to develop leadership skills.


These popular indoor exercises are ideal for bringing people together. They are perfect for introducing new members of a team, or for energising an existing workforce. They can help to stimulate respect and engage groups of adults to solve tasks as one unit.


Essential Characteristics of Indoor Team-Building Activities


Indoor exercises are safe and adaptable so your team can take part with minimal space. These exercises will help people to learn more about each other, their places in a team and will often be easy to get into with wide-reaching appeal. Group team-building exercises for indoor activity may feature:

  • Verbal interaction and discussion between group members to reach mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Opportunities for team members to develop skills in patience and logic
  • Problems that require application and involvement from all members of a team, not just a leader
  • Exercises that are accessible and appealing to as wide a group of people as possible
  • Flexibility for various spaces and specific needs and requirements
  • Problems that require group members to focus on smaller steps in the solving process

Indoor activities are fun, novel, and require patience. They are designed for groups of people to work together, are extremely creative, and require everyone’s input!

These activities typically have problems and puzzles which are only solvable with multiple people. They will encourage leaders to emerge but will also ensure participants speak up and have a say. Indoor team-building activities are great for helping small, and large teams understand individual worth.

In everyday life, bigger problems are often impossible to solve through one force alone, so these exercises encourage participants to consider how our wider societies and workforces operate. We need to rely on a wide variety of people with various skills and experience.

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Indoor Team-Building Exercise Ideas


There are a wide variety of great ideas which are perfect for corporate and educational team-building days. Follow the links below to browse a range of individual activity ideas. These are all available in the playmeo database!

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