“To curb a worrying trend of falling enrolments…


Jill Dundas talking about improving member retention ratesthe Girl Guides of Canada engaged playmeo to deliver a series of keynote presentations and trainings for all of its volunteer leaders. Our research was showing that girls were dropping out and our leaders were getting bored.

Over the course of two years, we immersed hundreds of our amazing leaders in special training programs with playmeo to adopt a new way of building community in dozens of troops all over Ontario.

We learned how to integrate a series of fun group games and activities into our established curriculum and, most importantly, embraced a new philosophical framework to deliver all of our guiding activities.

Happily, I’m pleased to report that participation levels have risen and stronger communities are developing.

Importantly, it looks like there’s an overall increase in retention levels, too. The girls are happier and appear to be developing a stronger sense of belongingness in their troops…”

Jill, CEO, Girl Guides of Canada (Ontario)

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