When you are working with a small team, ice breaker games for small groups can help you get to know your members & foster a strong sense of collaboration & respect, as well as create a productive environment for everyone.


At the beginning of any event, session or meeting, asking “how is everyone?” doesn’t really promote a pleasant, convivial atmosphere even with fewer people involved; small groups can actually be more intimidating than large ones, so a great approach to foster team bonding and connection is through ice breakers.

People sometimes view ice breaker games as awkward; however, they also tend to overlook the benefits they offer, especially to small groups: empowering and strengthening bonds, stimulating better and more creative brainstorming sessions, and boosting productivity and performance, to name a few.


What to Ask Before Doing Ice Breaker Games for Small Groups


Whether for school, camp, or work, a sense of inclusivity and familiarity are essential factors to making small groups work and last. However, it’s a good idea to know who is playing so you can find the ideal ice breaker. Here is what you need to remember when preparing ice breaker games for small groups:

  • What are the participants’ personalities?
  • Are they friends with each other?
  • Is this group in the beginning stages?
  • Has this group been together for a while?
  • How do they typically respond to a game or to being asked questions?

Whether your activity is an engaging question, a laughter-filled game, or a unique set of tasks, it will create a better environment for everyone involved, and more permanently than you think.

When a small group is just at the beginning stages, it can also be helpful to do get-to-know-you games and questions.


Small-Group Game Ideas


Just because you don’t have a lot of participants doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time with ice breakers and group games. Here are some of our activities that are perfect for small groups, drawn from playmeo’s online activity database.

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