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If you’re new to playmeo or are simply curious about how playmeo’s activity database can help you engage your group with 100’s of fun, interactive and rewarding activities, you’ve come to the right place.

Click the play button below, and enjoy a short guided tour that will introduce the key features of playmeo’s online activity database, narrated by founding director, Mark Collard.


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About playmeo

Note to all adventure facilitators - you need to subscribe to playmeo.

Karl, author & adventure programmer, USA

Since discovering playmeo, my facilitation has improved ten fold. It's that simple.

Chad, group facilitator, USA

Many icebreaker & community-building games fall short, but playmeo is a Godsend - it's my GO-TO activity spot.

Dave, youth minister, USA

A fantastic addition to any educator's tool kit!

Gareth, teacher, Singapore

I love the organization of playmeo’s activities, it's easy to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Jill, camp leader, USA

There is nothing else out there that allows you to search for activities so specifically to fit your needs.

Mark, outdoor program coordinator, USA

I use playmeo almost every time I lead a program - it's perfect when I'm on the go & need new activity ideas.

Ryan, group facilitator, USA

playmeo's activities have breathed new life into our programming. Thank you so much for the great resource you provide!

Micah, group facilitator, USA

Activity videos are the quickest way to get a refresher & playmeo has a ton of them. Great value.

Nate, adventure programmer, USA

I was going attend a course about training games, but then I discovered playmeo - I saved so much money & can access these materials 24/7.

Rashid, corporate trainer, Oman

playmeo is THE BEST activity resource available anywhere - the materials & videos are incredibly valuable. I'm so grateful I found it.

Brooklyn, corporate trainer, USA

We! Connect Cards are an excellent resource for connecting groups at the beginning on any program.

Rod, corporate trainer, USA

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Headshot of Chad, group facilitator, wanted to improve leadership skills and use hundreds of activities
Headshot of Dave, youth minister, who says playmeo is is go-to activity spot
Headshot of Gareth, teacher, says playmeo shoudl be in every educator's tool kit
Headshot of Jill, camp leader, says it is easy to find what she is looking for
Headshot of Mark, outdoor program co-ordinator, loves using playmeo to search for activities
Headshot of Ryan Eller, who loves using playmeo for new activity ideas and new activities
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Headshot of Nate, adventure programmer, who loves using playmeo's activity database to view activity videos and access activities on my phone
Headshot of Rashid, playmeo subscriber, who saved money not attending a course about training games
Headshot of Brooklyn, corporate trainer, was looking for the best activity resource
Headshot of Rod Lee, says he loves watching activity training videos and connecting groups