This page features a step-by-step video tutorial that will teach you how to fold the model paper aeroplane accurately, as featured in the challenging small group initiative Mystery Aeroplane.

To start, you will need at least one sheet of paper (preferably A4, but US Letter works too.)

Press the play button to start the tutorial (the video is low-resolution, but you can enlarge the screen.)



If you’re a playmeo member, you’ll be able to download the free Print+Play template, which will give you a glimpse of all the pre-requisite folds that have already been marked on the paper.

With thanks to the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme crew who first demonstrated this unique, yet tough, team puzzle.


Video Transcript


The following text is a word-for-word transcript of the above video tutorial in which you can learn how to fold the Mystery Aeroplane, as presented by a crew member from Young Endeavour Youth Scheme.


Okay. Show us how to do it.

Just to make it the first thing you do is take a fold run it across the page and run a crease down.

Fold it back over. Grab the other side. Run it across the page in the corner, fold straight down.

From there what we do is we invert both those folds and push in in the centre if you’re lucky. And just push down on the centre from there and just more emphasis on the folds.

From there take the other side and fold in. Do the same on the other side.

Grab the corner and halve it, and same on the other side.

From there we have a flap on the inside here. What we need to do is get the corner, put it inside the flap, it’s a bit, hard, sometimes it goes in straight, sometimes it doesn’t, and push down on it. Do the same in the other side.

Once we’re there all’s we’re doing is halving the plane, folding up from here.

So you have the spine of the plane, two halves, and we just create the wings, folding down, turn it over, exactly the same on the other side. And there’s your plane/rocket ship.

From there just to make help it fly better, just invert the two bits of the tail, then you throw it.