Trust is the foundation of any relationship, whether personal, at work, or in school. It is the driving force behind a positive, inviting environment where people are more communicative, responsible & open. That said, how do you build trust in a team?


Trust may seem like such an abstract concept, especially when applying it in the workplace, but it plays a significant role in the success of a company.

For a team to reach their full potential, trust must be present. It is what provides the team members with a sense of safety, allowing them to feel comfortable enough to take creative risks, explore new options, express themselves and their ideas, as well as show their vulnerable sides.

This open communication is what breeds healthy, selfless relationships; it allows the team to focus their efforts on what’s best for the group rather than serve their own interests and compete against each other.

Additionally, trust promotes innovation, knowledge-sharing, collaboration, motivation and creativity, making for a more productive environment brimming with new ideas and brilliant breakthroughs.


How to Build Trust in the Workplace


A team that doesn’t trust each other isn’t really a team; even if individually they are talented, smart and capable, without trust, it’s just a group of people that can only produce sub-par results.

So, how to build trust in a team?

  • Promote transparency, such as being honest, admitting mistakes, providing constructive criticism and feedback, and showing accountability.
  • Respect everyone; have them learn to respect each other’s time, opinions, and ideas, even if they disagree.
  • Foster mutual understanding to raise empathy among team members, encourage self-awareness and decrease the chances of conflicts.
  • Encourage shared success instead of competition. When the members are focused on a mutual vision instead of serving their personal interests, they can learn to depend on each other and recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Build morale by employing trust-building activities and group games. When someone feels more comfortable and enjoys the people they work with, they’re far more productive.


Ideas for Trust-Building Activities


Trust is the primary ingredient to creating a space where people can flourish, and in turn, perform their best.

Start building stronger connections founded on trust with these exercises, drawn from our expansive activity database. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content!

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