Getting-to-know-you activities for team-building require the participation of every member with the common goal of developing their strengths, identifying their weaknesses & encouraging everyone to learn how to collaborate properly.


It is not enough that everybody knows each others’ names; it has to go deeper than that. They should also be able to work together for the good of the organisation.

Often, the activities that fall under this category can also be considered as ice-breakers, as these do not simply introduce everyone, but also make all the participants feel welcomed.


Essential Characteristics of Getting-to-Know Activities for Team-Building


Since these activities are meant to make everybody feel comfortable with each other, they usually have the following features:

  • They are interesting, fun, and easy to follow
  • They make the participants feel close to one another
  • They can help team members understand individual differences and weaknesses
  • They encourage everyone to contribute
  • They teach problem-solving and conflict resolution skills

At the start, it is understandable that not all members may show enthusiasm when it comes to participating in the games and activities. However, with the right introduction and facilitation of these activities, gradually everyone will be excited to join and contribute to the success of the activities.

After all, these types of activities are designed for socialisation with the bonus of making new friends at the end of the day.

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Ideas for Getting-to-Know Activities for Team-Building


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