World Mental Health Day: Free Lesson Plan

Later this week, Saturday 10 October, is World Mental Health Day.

To acknowledge this important day on our calendar, my friends at the Institute of Positive Education have shared a sample lesson plan drawn from their Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) – sorry link is broken.

Download Free Lesson Plan


Supporting Mental Health


With 26% of young people in Australia experiencing mental health problems, everyone in the field of education would agree that there is need for preventative measures that empower and equip students to deal with the growing complexity of the world today.

Our educational institutions are already doing wonderful things to assist our young people; however, the time has come to streamline, consolidate and enhance how we are educating our students. Due to the growing pressure placed on teachers, a robust, research- and evidence-based support is needed, and the Institute’s PEEC is the response.

PEEC is not a replacement for the implicit Positive Education that takes place every day through pastoral care, coaching, teaching and every interaction that a teacher has with a student. It is an explicit curriculum that is implemented in a strategic way during timetabled lessons.

For the record, there are several resources included in PEEC that you may be interested in exploring, such as:

  • Research-based developmental scope and sequence for Positive Education,
  • Over 280 lessons from Early Learning (4 years of age) through to Year 12 (18 years of age),
  • Research summaries for every topic, and
  • Curriculum mapping for EYLF, ACARA, PYP, MYP, IB and SEL.


Remote Well-being Resources


In addition to their sample lesson plans, PEEC has some free Remote Well-being Resources that are designed to be of help during this time.

(Editor note – the links initially provided are no longer available. Sorry.)



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