“The most pressing issues my training company faced were…


Arinya Talerngsri CEO engaging corporate training participants at SEAC(a) how to quickly engage training participants in their learning; and

(b) how to design and deliver programs that made a real and lasting difference to our clients.

When both time and budgets are extremely limited, no one wants to invest in anything that does not generate a good return on their investment. To this end, it was a tough sell to convince any of our clients – not to mention me – that “playing games” was going to be a useful exercise.

Like most people, we’ve all been scarred by horrible ice-breakers and trust-building activities that are just plain wrong. We did NOT want to travel down this path again.

Then in 2019, one of my staff stumbled across some of playmeo’s free training videos on YouTube. Impressed, they invested in a year-long membership to playmeo’s online activity database and before I knew it, the whole training department was hooked.

Of course, I had to know more.

I think the two key elements that caused me to hire playmeo can be summed in two catchphrases – connection before content and serious fun. Seriously, playmeo has made a massive dent in how we do things around here now.

Before, people would turn up late to our training sessions, and now, many of them arrive early. Even better, our clients are telling us that they feel more connected to the others in the room. Everyone loves the games, but it’s more than just fun (as Mark says :-).)

We’re teaching important life skills and I think we’re building a stronger community of learners…”

Arinya, Founder & CEO, SEAC, Thailand

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