Diversity team-building activities are all about inclusion. The goal is to bring everyone, no matter what their cultural or ethnic backgrounds maybe, together to form a team that’s laser-focused on achieving a common goal.


There is power and opportunity in a diverse workforce. Just imagine the range and scope of experiences, skills, and perspectives that individuals from different backgrounds can contribute to the team.

It is not enough for a team to be composed of diverse individuals, but it is important for them to know that they are working in an organisation that respects them, treats them fairly, and that their contributions are always valued. Only when there is harmony can the team thrive through any adversity.


Essential Characteristics of Diversity Team-Building Activities


These types of activities provide great opportunities for people to work together, communicate with one another, and help them understand that they truly belong in the group. These activities usually have the following characteristics:

  • They are fun, exciting, and at the same time challenging
  • They contain opportunities to build trust, effective communication, and co-operation
  • They incorporate highly interactive experiences
  • They can improve problem-solving skills while working in a group

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Diversity Team-Building Activity Ideas


The links below are samples of interactive and exciting diversity team-building activities which are drawn from playmeo’s continuously expanding activity database.

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