A disclaimer is not what you call interesting reading, but we encourage you to read it because we don’t want you, or anybody you’re looking after to get hurt.

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It’s Worth Noting


It is important to consider the safety aspects of any activity and to address the concerns that each one presents.

Be aware of your environment, hazards and terrain, medical issues and abilities of your group, readiness, clothing, etc, to prevent the potential for any harm.

In particular, we wish to underline your responsibility as a program provider to ensure the physical, emotional and mental health and well-being of your group.

It’s too easy just to focus on the potential for physical harm with many experiential and adventure-based activities. The emotional and mental dimensions of any group-based activity are often overlooked, and yet, they can do the most long-term harm.

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Please Be Aware


A few thoughts to note which accentuate the care which should be taken when using any of playmeo’s resources:

  • Interactive group games & experiential and adventure-based activities should not be undertaken without the supervision of a suitably qualified and/or experienced leader;
  • The instructions, strategies, tips and suggestions offered in any of playmeo’s resources are subject to varying interpretations because facilitation skills are influenced by both the art & science of leadership – none of which could be considered exact; and
  • You assume all risk and responsibility for any loss or damage which may result from the use of the materials contained herein. Liability for any claim, whether based upon errors or omissions in these materials, shall be limited to the amount spent accessing such materials.
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Final Word


Naturally, all care is taken to produce and publish accurate information to the extent humanly possible.

For more information about how serious we take this obligation – despite having to discuss a disclaimer – take a look at the philosophical framework which underpins all of our work and content here at playmeo.

Now that you’ve read this far, you may also wish to read our Terms & ConditionsWebsite Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There is nothing unusual or particularly onerous about these terms, conditions and policies, but your visit and use of our resources are wholly governed by them.

Be cool, have fun, and as always, reach out if you need help.


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