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Do you remember…

…those Choose Your Adventure Books when you were a kid?

They were an interactive book series where YOU got to decide the outcome of the story. The book series is set up where you typically go on an adventure and are in charge of your destiny. Along the way, you must use your talents, intuition, and intellect to guide your choices to survive the adventure.

Let’s say you’re moving about your adventure then all of a sudden a dragon is revealed on your path. How will you move forward? Will you turn to page 7 to use your weapon in your backpack to fight him or turn to page 18 to try and outrun him? Every choice matters. But you can always choose differently to alter the path of your story and change your results.

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Hi, I’m Lisa Hughes

I help purpose-driven individuals create positive change within themselves & the lives of others by guiding them to create their own formula for consistent growth & well-being through creative coaching, consulting, & innovative programs.

My life’s work is driven by being the catalyst you need to ignite more clarity, creativity, adventure, and flow in your life and work.

I can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your big vision!


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We are going to have so much fun sharing stories, revealing insights, trying on new perspectives, and participating in some life-changing experiences together.

Did we just become best friends?! YEP.

Buckle up, friend, because this is about to get really good. You are about to embark on your greatest adventure yet– to feel confident enough and worthy enough to claim your life back and take those subtle and bold steps in creating everything you really want.

The only questions you need to start asking yourself are what adventure do you want to go on and which paths do you want to explore?

Jump in and let’s have some fun!