Man convincing another man about case studies

Do You Have Any Case Studies That Showcase Your Work?

A colleague asked me this week: What do you do when a client asks you to share case studies to verify the effectiveness of your…

Black chess piece with white chess pieces seeking support

How Do I Get The Support of Those In Charge?

This is such a common question, I’m surprised I have not thought to share this earlier: “How can I enrol in others in the benefits…

Young people worried that icebreakers don't work

Why Icebreakers Don’t Work & How to Fix Them

This topic has been a very popular keynote theme and conference workshop session of mine for a few years now. While many understand the concept…

Woman pondering who owns an idea

Who Owns An Idea?

My friend and mentor, the late Karl Rohnke, shared a quote with me that inspired the whole trajectory of my career: “A good idea doesn’t…

Lucid Meetings interview

Interview: Why We Should Take Play More Seriously in our Meetings

The million-dollar question is – how do we, as leaders, invite our teams to willingly step outside their comfort zones to try new things, develop…

Book a help session today

Get Help: Book a Free 1:1 Session Today

The three biggest, most valuable benefits playmeo members enjoy are: Watching real-live activity videos (with real groups;) Accessing tons of new variations to existing activities;…

Power of fun with kids flying cardboard aeroplane

The Power of Fun Is In The Trying

I love it when someone shares a story that illustrates the difference they are making in this world, especially when I may have inspired it…

Learning at the edge Podcast

Podcast: Learning at the Edge

If you love digesting podcast episodes, I invite you to dive into the latest Learning at the Edge episode from our friends at the Institute…

Axious teacher wondering where to start

Feeling Overwhelmed & Don’t Know Where to Start?

A familiar lament of many teachers at the start of a new school year was echoed by a member today seeking help: I want to…

Speaking to large groups seated in tight space

What To Do with Large Groups In Tight Spaces?

I’ve just come off a lengthy Zoom call with a playmeo member who was seeking help with a familiar question: What activities work with very…

Sequencing planning board

How Do I Sequence My Activities?

A playmeo member recently asked: I’m creating a team building program for summer camp. I understand how to run each activity but I don’t know…

Control the Room podcast discussing the Essence of Play

The Essence of Play, A Masterful Art: Podcast

Here’s an invitation to lean into a recent conversation I had with Douglas Ferguson, host of the Control the Room podcast, in which we discussed…

Small group games of three penguins. Credit Derek Oyen

24 of the Best Small Group Games & Activities

A playmeo member recently asked: I’m designing a leadership program of games & team-building exercises for small groups of only 4-5 students. I find it…

Woman sitting in dark with zoom fatigue. Credit Niklas Hamann

How To Beat Zoom Fatigue

With so many of our experiential programs venturing into the online or virtual world over the past year, it is clear that zoom fatigue is…

Father & child programs on the beach at sunset. Credit Emotionary App

Looking for Father & Child Program Ideas?

A playmeo member recently asked: I’m running a multi-day program for fathers & their adolescent child. Do you have any go-to activities that work for…

Gazing at a crystal ball to see trends for 2021

Leading Interactive Group Games & Activities into 2021

After a year like no other, if you could hold a crystal ball and look into the future, what do you think you might see…

Mark leading the Trust Fall or Fall from Height group initiative

Trust Fall or Fall from Height?

One of the most vivid memories that many participants of a challenge ropes course report are their experiences with the Trust Fall activity. The Trust…

Four arms connected - is connection the same as belonging

Is Connection The Same As Belonging?

Readers of this blog will know that I have long been an enthusiastic supporter of the “connect before content” approach. Or, in other words, any…

Fist-bumping colleagues reflecting on generativity. Credit Antonio Janeski


Happy new year folks! May 2021 be safe and prosperous for us all 🙂 To kick off the year, I am reprinting (with permission) an…

Emojis wearing face masks in a COVID19 normal world

5 Programming Lessons in a COVID19 Normal World

For most of 2020, I have focused on designing and delivering a bunch of virtual presentations, from highly interactive fun & games to highly polished…

Bored students in classroom needing short breaks

Short Exercise Breaks Improve Concentration

This article is reprinted with permission from The Conversation.   Primary school teachers often provide students with short physical activity breaks to energise kids and…

Social distance sign requesting people to keep physical-distancing

How To Adapt Activities for Physical-Distancing Rules

There have been two primary waves of enquiries since the current health pandemic rocked the world. The first and most urgent was focused on “How…

Presenting group activities online to people on Zoom meeting

7 Lessons Learned Presenting Group Activities Online

When the pandemic hit early in 2020, the overwhelming focus of my work shifted to adapting everything I knew that worked for an in-person group…

Man in Zoom meeting did not switch their video on

Question: How Do I Engage People Who Do Not Switch Their Video On?

A playmeo member asks: I’ve been hired to conduct a virtual conference session in which the participants are not required to switch their video on…

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