Brainteasers Solutions

This page reveals the solutions to all of the brainteasers & lateral-thinking puzzles posed on another page.

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Here are two popular solutions to carve a circle into eight sections using three lines.

Circle with three lines Solution 1

Circle with three lines Solution 2

Illustration of letters A B C


The letters in the top line are made exclusively of straight lines, whereas the letters in the bottom line are made of at least one curved line.

Accordingly, letters that can be added to the top line include  E  F  I  L  M  N  V  W  X  and  Y.

Letters which can be added to the bottom line are  B  D  O  P  Q  and  S.


Fill the 3-litre bucket and pour contents into the 5-litre bucket. Refill the 3-litre bucket and pour 2 litres into the 5 litre bucket (to fill it.) Empty 5-litre bucket. Pour remaining 1 litre of water from 3-litre bucket into 5-litre bucket. Refill 3-litre bucket and empty all contents into 5-litre bucket to supply it with exactly 4 litres of water. Total amount of water used is 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 litres.

Illustration of a bucket

Diagram of many squares


There are thirty (30) square shapes in this diagram.


The letter E.

It is used to spell YEAR, WEEK but not DAY.

Illustration of question mark with text box

Illustration of question inside talking bubble


Add the letter A to ARE (one-syllable) and you get AREA (which has three-syllables.)


Neither, as roosters don’t lay eggs.

How many triangles in this hexagon


There are thirty-eight (38) triangle shapes in this diagram.


The arrow costs 50 cents.

The bow costs $20.50, which is $20.00 more than the arrow.

Illustration of bow and arrow

Illustration of a house



It is a polar bear (the house is situated on the North Pole.)


Once you think outside the box (of the nine dots) the solution is pretty simple.


Nine dots diagram with four lines

Illustration of a set of scales


Place three balls on each side of the scales. If they are balanced, then use the scales for a second time to identify which of the two remaining balls is the heaviest. However, if one set of the three balls is heavier (on the first use of the scales,) take any two of these three balls and set them on the scales. If they are balanced, the third ball is the heaviest. Or, if one of these two balls is heavier, you have your answer.


This is the simplest way to add two squares to separate all 9 dots.


Nine dots diagram with two squares