Because… It Matters

I have a system to remember people’s names…

I check the spelling on all of my literature…

I arrive early to scope out a new training venue…

I take responsibility for the tone of my voice…


Because… it matters.

To my customers and clients. This effort, which is rarely ever noticed or obvious, says I care – if this is the effort I take on the little stuff, imagine the care I’ll expend on the bigger, important stuff?


Anything else is less than remarkable.

And it’s important to note exactly what this word – remarkable – means. In the strict meaning of the word, is not another word for amazing, fantastic or incredible.

Remarkable is the ability to remark. When I create truly remarkable experiences for my group, they are compelled to remark about this experience with others. Or, in other words, the marketing of my product or service is baked into the very thing itself, ie not sprinkled on top (like most marketing) in an effort to attract people.

You can read more about how I achieve this outcome in my book Serious Fun: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Remarkably Fun Programs that Make a Difference.

Did you notice remarkable was built into the name?


Comments (1)

  1. Ryan Eller

    I love this so much. I do need to take more responsibility for how I speak. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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