60 Ways To Connect With Your Students

Stumbled across this post from Jeff Delp (with thanks to Adam Clark) who challenges teachers, educators, leaders, etc, to find new ways to connect with young people every day.

He pulled together sixty different ways to connect. Here are the first ten…

  1. Learn their names
  2. Call them by their name…every chance you get
  3. Leave a positive message on voicemail (so the parent, and the student can listen)
  4. Ask them to help with something in the classroom, or run an errand
  5. Call on them when you know they have the answer
  6. Smile frequently
  7. Take an interest in the little things – “I notice that you…”
  8. Write a note of encouragement
  9. Eat lunch with them
  10. Attend an event in which they are participating (i.e. concert, athletics, etc.)

Click here to see Jeff’s full list of 60 ways to connect with students.

My question to you is: What strategy works best for you?

Me? I’d have to say, slowing down and being present, and most importantly, laughing with them.

There’s never enough laughter.

For more information about the value and power of connecting (with your students) before content, view Episode 7 of our free facilitator Tips video tutorial series.


Comments (1)

  1. sarwat rattani

    good pointers! they really help 🙂

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