How to engage unwilling participants. Photo: Isaiah Rustad

How To Engage Unwilling Participants

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode shares three of the most powerful strategies you can use to engage unwilling participants in your programs. This answers one of the…

Top ten blog popular articles posts on laptop. Photo: Anete Lusina

Top Five Most-Read Posts

If you’ve missed a few posts, or are new to playmeo’s blog, here’s a quick recap of our most popular articles for the past 12 months….

What to do with dominant people like a lion. Photo: Lemuel Butler

What To Do With Dominant People

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode tackles the age-old problem of knowing what to do with dominant people in your group. You know, those folks who…

Colourful name tags to help how to remember names

How To Remember Names

People often remark that I have a great memory for names. I don’t, I just use a couple of key ‘how to remember names’ strategies to…

Seeking peer feedback. Photo Tim Gouw

Seek Peer Feedback

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode discusses the many benefits of seeking peer feedback to leverage your continuous improvement and professional development. In my experience, I have…