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Alphabet Equations

What does 12 S of the Z mean?

This page features a list of sample Alphabet Equations such as these common puzzlers – 12 S of the Z and 64 S on a CB.

Challenge yourself or a group of friends/colleagues to solve these fun, team-building puzzles of the same name. For each set of letters (initials) and numbers, your task is to identify or decipher the common phrase to match.

The (eight) solutions can be found towards the bottom of this page – don’t scroll too quickly!


12 = S of the Z


64 = S on a CB


7 = W of the AW


26 = L of the A


50 = S in the U


21 = D on a D


3 = S and you’re O


88 = PK


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Puzzle answers

12 = Signs of the Zodiac

64 = Squares on a Checkers (or Chess) Board

7 = Wonders of the Ancient World

26 = Letters of the Alphabet

50 = States in the Union

21 = Dots on a Dice

3 = Strikes and You’re Out

88 = Piano Keys


Want more?

Now that you have worked out what 12 S of the Z means, I hope you enjoyed deciphering the rest of this fun alphabet equations list.

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