Man chasing woman as part of Water World game

Water World

Illustration of colourful paper bags forming part of Luminaria reflection exercise

Luminaria Circle

Illustration of group participating in Trust Fall challenge course element

Trust Fall

Man speaking in code as The Psychiatrist

The Psychiatrist

Man bending down playing Paper Bag Pick-Up

Paper Bag Pick Up

Illustration of UBUNU cards used as part of Mimeograph team-building exercise


Illustration of group participating in Nitro Crossing challenge course element

Nitro Crossing

Illustration of group participating in Spider's Web team-building exercise

Spider’s Web

Man playing Taboo game


Person bending down picking up card playing Over There group initiative

Over There

Series of letter cards as played with Take Two puzzle

Take Two

Illustration of group participating in The Wall challenge course element

The Wall

Woman stepping across stepping stones as part of group initiative Marshmallow River

Marshmallow River

Group Juggle demonstration of passing a series of balls across a circle

Group Juggle

Connectiles team puzzle pieces


All Catch group initiative people throwing balls into the air

All Catch

Key Punch set-up with dozens of numbered spots laying on ground.

Key Punch

Man jumping as part of group initiative turnstyles rope with two others watching from the sidelines


Creative team building exercise as featured in Paper Tower

Paper Tower

Two groups of people, standing either side of a rope, not wanting to cross the line

Cross The Line

Three people flying their airplanes in a paper-plane contest

Paper-Plane Contest

People moving quickly between spots on the ground, as seen in Metronome group initiative


Pair of Magic Shoes ready to be slipped on to solve group initiative

Magic Shoes

People holding hands in circle rotating quickly as The Clock initiative, a terrific back to school activity

The Clock