Man with name tag on head playing Blind Name-Tag

Blind Name-Tag

Hand drawing a word in air as played in Air Names

Air Names

Gallery view of Zoom video thumbnails of group playing Look Left

Look Left

Group of people clapping their hands as attention-getting tips of Copy Claps energiser

Attention-Getting Tips

You Choose exercise to determine what a group wants to do

You Choose

Group of people line-up ideas

101 Line-Up Ideas

Woman being lifted off ground by another person with glee, as part of Big Ups energiser trust activity

Big Ups

Two people clapping hands as part of Synchro Clap activity

Synchro Clap

Three people clapping hands as part of Clap Pass ice-breaker activity

Clap Pass

Man facing forward and winking playfully as seen in the fun game Winker


Two people holding two different playing cards as seen in Playing Card Mixers activity

Playing Card Mixers

Two women holding hands and attempting to step inside their arms as part of fun energiser Wring-Out Stretch

Wring-Out Stretch

Three people playing a game of Chicken-Eyes


Tread patterns for four different types of shoes as seen in Sole Mate pairing exercise

Sole Mate

Two people standing on a straight line playing the splits partner exercise

The Splits

Three small groups of people, feeling connected to one another feeling like empowered teams

Empowered Teams

Lots of hands holding onto a loop of rope with a knot tied in it, as part of Pass the knot debrief activity

Pass The Knot

Two people standing back to back in a circle, trying to bump each other out, as seen in Butt Wars energiser game

Butt Wars

One hand with outstretched fingers, as seen in Fist to Five debrief

Fist To Five

Two people shaking hands thinking of different number, as seen in Physic Handshake ice-breaker and random group-splitting exercise

Psychic Handshake

Man using imagination to hold a cup in his hand while stretching in Tea Cup Stretch exercise

Tea Cup Stretch

Man crawling on hands and knees attempting to catch an Elusive Shadow

The Elusive Shadow

Two people facing one another holding hands playing a quick game of Toe to Toe

Toe To Toe

Two people excited to greet one another in energiser called Train Station Greetings game

Train Station Greetings