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Develop social & personal responsibility skills with group games & activities


Experiences which focus on responsibility aim to empower your group to look after itself, from both a social (group) and personal (individual) point of view.

In my opinion, there is no greater paradigm for a human being than to take responsibility for oneself. This is not to say that your group is left to their own devices, but that it is capable of taking responsibility for its actions, and the consequences which flow from them.

Social and personal responsibility skills sit atop of the human developmental tree. Experiences which invite your group to work effectively with the various strengths and abilities of the individuals are a key to this step.

In addition to other key interpersonal skills, expect conversations concerning planning, empathy, support and leadership to come up a lot.


Empowering Your Group To Take Responsibility For Itself

Some program leaders confuse this level of group functionality as an absence of conflict, but this is not true. There is conflict in every level of a group’s development, but a group which has developed a high regard for its social and personal wellbeing will manage their conflict with grace.

Experiences which focus on personal and socially responsible skills include:

  • Participating in community service projects, e.g., tree planting;
  • Inviting people to call ‘Group’ whenever they feel the group is not functioning well;
  • Trusting someone they do not know very well; and
  • Developing a peer-support or mentoring program between younger and older students.

Responsibility is made up of two root words – response and ability, ie the ability to respond. And one of the most powerful, not to mention attractive ways to develop this ability to respond (appropriately, powerfully and successfully) is to practice these skills in a series of progressively challenging group activities.


Group Activities Which Focus On Social & Personal Responsibilities

The images below provide links to a sample of dynamic group activities which will help your group focus on, explore and practise social and personal responsibilities, drawn from playmeo’s innovative activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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Walk & Stop

Active game to inspire good listening & reflex skills.


Knee Tag

Fun, high-energy tag game for pairs & large groups.


Everybody Is It

All-time classic, large group tag game, with twists.


Toe Tag

Hilarious, high-energy tag game for two people.


Pairs Compass Walk

Fun, trust-building navigation exercise for partners.


Lean Walk

Dynamic trust-building exercise for partners.


Fill The Gap

Structured, simple sharing strategy for large groups.


Whip Around

Quick & simple sharing strategy for large groups.