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Core - Health

Teaching health & related studies are fun with group games & activities


An effective and engaging method of teaching health curriculum is the use of group games and activities.

Many group games and activities are ideally suited to health curricula because they are inherently attractive to play and can explicitly or implicitly help students grow in their knowledge and application of basic health skills.

Key skills such as decision-making, interpersonal communication, effective listening, goal-setting, and critical-thinking can all be taught through the use of particular fun group games and exercises.

Take a look at the samples listed at the bottom of this page for some great activity ideas to blend with your existing health curriculum.


Benefits of Integrating Group-Based Games Into Your Health Classes

Some of the more powerful reasons teachers integrate the use of group games and activities into their health and related studies include:

  • Fun group games are fun and engaging, which encourage higher levels of participation;
  • Ideal for generating energy and interest for otherwise ‘boring’ content; and
  • Many activities are specifically focused on the development and practise of healthy and effective interpersonal skills, eg respect.

If for no other reason, your group is certain to embrace the sheer joy and wonder that comes from playing many group games as part of your health curriculum.


Group Activities Which Support & Enhance Health Curricula

The images below provide links to a sample of group activities which can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum to teach health and related skills, drawn from playmeo’s searchable activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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Pretty Darn Quick

Quick, energetic & dynamic tag game for small groups.


Poker Face

Trust exercise that focuses on inclusion & diversity.


Emoji Cards

Useful set of emotive cards to encourage fun & reflection.


Knee Tag

Fun, high-energy tag game for pairs & large groups.


Super Smile

Active circle game to generate lots of smiles & laughter.


Tea Cup Stretch

Innovative stretch & balance exercise for individuals.


PDQ Test

Fun whole-group exercise involving quirky movements.


Jump Tag

Dynamic jump & tag game that will challenge everyone.