You Choose exercise to determine what a group wants to do

You Choose

Girl attempting to jump on foot of boy in energetic game called Pretty Darn Quick

Pretty Darn Quick

Four people moving about an area with one person saying Stop as part of energiser Walk & Stop

Walk & Stop

Cat and dog sitting next to each other posing the question who are you more like?

Are You More Like

Illustrations of bag of corn, fox and chicken which form part of River Crossing team puzzle

River Crossing

Set of colourful cards called Emoji Cards used for reflection and other fun purposes

Emoji Cards

Set of hand-drawn picture cards called Climer Cards used in many reflection exercises

Climer Cards

Index card with words and numbers on it as seen in ice-breaker ID Numbers

ID Numbers

Two people shaking hands in a fun get-to-know-you Name-Tag game

Name-Tag Mania

Group of people playing Around The World in pairs

Around The World

Four people standing in line with interlocked elbows, as part of Making Connections ice breaker game

Making Connections

Why debrief? Three sets of partners sharing with one another as part of fun get-to-know-you activity called Paired Shares ice-breaker and Paired Share Debrief

Paired Share Debrief

Three people with big smiles, playing Super Smile group game, one of many great energizers, warm-up games, stretches

Super Smile

Man using imagination to hold a cup in his hand while stretching in Tea Cup Stretch exercise

Tea Cup Stretch

Sticks of spaghetti poked into a marshmallow, as seen in team-building initiative Marshmallow Challenge game

Marshmallow Challenge

Woman pulling finger from mouth to make plopping sound, as occurs in PDQ group game

PDQ Test

People jumping up and down as part of fun tag and PE game called Jump Tag game

Jump Tag

Group of people running around playing Everybody Is It tag game, fun classic tag game

Everybody Is It

Two people trying to tag each others feet in fun partner energiser game called Toe Tag game

Toe Tag

One person leading a blind-folded person on a walk, as part of trust-building game called Pairs Compass Walk trust-building exercise

Pairs Compass Walk

Two people leaning to the side of each other walking forward as part of trust-building exercise called Lean Walk

Lean Walk

Two people squatting on the balls of their toes facing each other in a fun partner energiser called Squat Thrust game

Squat Thrust

People holding hands in a circle jumping to their right as part of energiser Jump In Jump Out game

Jump In Jump Out

Two sets of hands gripped in a fun Thumb Wrestling energiser game

Thumb Wrestling In Stereo