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GrowthBest value for growing businesses

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SmartSmall teams on a budget

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InfiniteThe ultimate solution for large networks 1,000 + users


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It's a great site. It's like Hogwarts and Mark is like Dumbledore!

Aman, group facilitator, India

playmeo is THE BEST activity resource available anywhere - the materials & videos are incredibly valuable. I'm so grateful I found it.

Brooklyn, corporate trainer, USA

Since discovering playmeo, my facilitation has improved ten fold. It's that simple.

Chad, group facilitator, USA

Becoming a member has unlocked hundreds of activities & ideas that I'll use for the rest of my career.

Chad, training facilitator, USA

These Cards will help you begin to see the incredible richness & depth of others.

Chris, teacher, USA

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Headshot of Brooklyn, corporate trainer, was looking for the best activity resource
Headshot of Chad, group facilitator, wanted to improve leadership skills and use hundreds of activities
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