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Simple Prop To Articulate Feelings

EmojiCARDS are a colourful set of 54 cards which portray a range of emotions from happy, sad, angry and confused. A useful tool for processing or to help people explain how they are feeling.



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EmojiCARDS were created for educators, counsellors, group leaders and all individuals who need a creative way to explain emotions to their group.

These cards invite participants to engage in conversation about their emotions, feelings, or experiences. You can use these cards in a multitude of ways – as a processing tool, an icebreaker, leadership initiative, or for just plain fun.

Emotions range from silly, happy, sad, enraged, confused, and even embarrassed. The emotions have been hand-picked to complete the wide range of emotions an individual can and may experience within a typical adventure-programming day.

Each pack comes with 54 high-gloss cards showing a wide range of different emotions, together with a custom tuck-box.

Created by Paradigm Shift, 2013

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Set of colourful cards called Emoji Cards used for reflection and other fun purposes

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Emoji Cards

Useful set of emotive cards to encourage fun & reflection.

  • Wei Lin headshot for testimonial

    I've used these cards for icebreakers, sharing, team games & reflection. So versatile.

    Wei Lin, teacher, Singapore

  • Greg headshot for testimonial

    Some kids find it tough to describe how they're feeling, but they know it as soon as they see the emoji faces.

    Greg, counsellor, USA

  • Ryan headshot

    I use my EmojiCards all the time, especially at the start of class to quickly check-in with my students.

    Ryan, high school teacher, USA