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Webinar: Sequencing for Success

Click below to view a live webinar recording ‘Sequencing for Success’ that part of an interactive session with Tom Heck from International Assoc of Teamwork Facilitators on 17/18 October 2012.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  1. Discover a simple three-step, universally-applicable model for preparing groups for their ‘peak’ experience.
  2. Understand what makes an ice-breaker an ice-breaker as distinct from any other experience.
  3. Learn why having fun is the most potent tool available to facilitators to engage people and invite participation.


Click the link for a more eloquent discussion of What Makes An Ice-Breaker an Ice-Breaker.

Note: this was a Google Hangouts conversation, so you can expect visuals for both the host (Tom) and the guest (me) and questions submitted from those participating in the conversation from far and wide.


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