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Educator with 37 years of experience as a general and special education teacher, psychologist, and special education administrator. Certified trainer in the area of experiential learning with a passion for building positive culture and climate in K-12 schools. Developed and implemented a primary prevention social emotional learning model using activity based learning (The Full Value School). This model focuses on teaching students to self-regulate and to have a meaningful voice in their school community. I hold an M.Ed. in education, an MS.Ed. in school psychology, and a doctoral degree on school-community psychology.

A Full Value Community is a framework for social-emotional learning in schools. It is a culture and climate where students and faculty interact with each other to create and maintain a focused, productive, and collaborative community. The community utilizes effective skills and practices to encourage meaningful participation in the life of the school. Specific tools include experiential learning, the activity based process,adoption of Full Value Agreements, calling group, control to empowerment, integration of mindfulness, and the use of SMART goals


The community is formed around six Full Value foundational principles:

Be Here: Fully engaged in all aspects of the learning process

Be Safe: Be careful with each other’s emotions and well-being

Be Honest: Act with courage and integrity

Set Goals: Define and commit to measurable, achievable goals

Care for Self and Others: Nurture the development of empathy and compassion

Let Go and Move On: Resolve conflicts and accept that mistakes can lead to growth


Why a Full Value community?

• Provides a safe and effective learning environment co-created by staff and students
• Utilizes a group based process for addressing community issues and celebrating its successes
• Promotes the practice of abstract reasoning which supports student understanding of complex academic areas
• Can be taught and reinforced through academic content areas including language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, art and music
• Empowers students to self regulate with faculty supervision and encouragement
• Supports social-emotional learning methods that already exist in the school
• Provides continuity of methods and language across grade levels and schools
• Teaching this approach can be integrated into the daily classroom routine or taught using Full Value activities
• Supports development of ethics, empathy and compassion
• Meets state requirements as a primary prevention program to address harassment, intimidation and bullying

A survey commissioned by the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning found that found 93 percent of teachers want a greater focus on social and emotional learning in schools. Educators call for schools to prioritize integrating SEL learning practices and strategies into the curriculum as well as the school culture.

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