David Piang-Nee



Program creator and facilitator

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A Little About Me…

I have had the great fortune to be introduced to the industry though wonderful mentors and opportunities and work towards creating similar opportunities for the clients I work with. I continue to feel blessed to still be working and associated with amazing colleagues and friends in the industry.

   The work has been on a variety of outdoor and residential camping programs, both locally, with international groups who have visited Australia and and internationally. The range of participants over the years has been as long as 3yrs old to 80+ and the program objectives have varied from holiday care, respite camps, school excursion, mental health programs, family and community camps, specialist sports and arts and craft camps, leadership and volunteer development training camps and so on.

   Whether running a session of low ropes, archery, a night walk, going for a bike ride or a surf, creating week long programs for schools, holiday programs or international students, these are to me, opportunities to express and expand ourselves through the interactions we experience with others and appreciate our environment and our time here on earth.

   The competent and deliberate facilitation of camping and similar program opportunities is critical to the success of the industry and allows us to continue building stronger communities all over the world, in a fun, interactive and creative matter.

   I feel privileged to be able to contribute in my own way as I continue to improve on my own competencies in this amazing profession.