Illustration of group using Fidget Ladder challenge course element

Fidget Ladder

Man bending down playing Paper Bag Pick-Up

Paper Bag Pick Up

Black & white line drawing of a mandala


Illustration of Speed Numbers sheet used in team-building programs

Numbers Game

Illustration of UBUNU cards used as part of Mimeograph team-building exercise


Person holding pen on Mastermind Relay puzzle

Mastermind Relay

Illustration of group using Swinging Log challenge course element

Swinging Log

Illustration of woman participating on Multi-vine Traverse challenge course element

Multivine Traverse

Illustration of Criss Cross Challenge Course element

Criss Cross

Illustration of man on Tension Traverse challenge course element

Tension Traverse

Illustration of person playing Blind Portraits trust-building game

Blind Portraits

Album cover debrief artwork of woman jumping for joy

Album Cover

Illustration of man using Hour Glass challenge course element


Man playing Taboo game


Flip Over Ten playing cards group initiative

Flip Over Ten

Girl attempting to jump on foot of boy in energetic game called Pretty Darn Quick

Pretty Darn Quick

Person bending down picking up card playing Over There group initiative

Over There

Two people using their index fingers to keep a line of wooden blocks off the ground, as seen in Block Bridge initiative

Block Bridge

Series of letter cards as played with Take Two puzzle

Take Two

Man stuck to wall as part of Stick Around group initiative

Stick Around

The letters Y O U T which form part of G-H-O-S-T fun group game


Illustration of man playing on Swinging Tyres challenge course element

Swinging Tyres

Set of wooden blocks in a line held together by two sets of fingers in Skyscraper Tower group initiative

Skyscraper Tower

Warp Speed demonstration of a soft ball being passed inside a circle of people

Warp Speed