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Quick & Easy

Three simple steps is all it takes to experience playmeo’s innovative programming resources.



1. Find the perfect activity

Our powerful search tool will help you find the perfect activity to engage your group, have fun & meet your program goals. Filter by activity type, program outcome, theme, number of people, time, levels of exertion, etc.

We add more contagiously-fun activities every month, including ice-breakers, energisers, trust games, problem-solving & team-building initiatives, debriefing strategies, etc.

View our short ‘how-to-use’ instructional video to explore all of the powerful features of our activity database & search engine.

 2. Learn how to run it

Don’t know where to start? Not sure you can lead the activity? playmeo’s got you covered. Simple step-by-step instructions & video tutorials featuring expert leaders working with ‘real’ groups will help you confidently lead every activity with success.

And for the more experienced practitioner, a list of variations, expert leadership tips & debriefing tips & strategies will help you squeeze more value from your existing programs.



3. Create remarkably fun programs

Jam-packed with inspiration & practical advice, playmeo will help you create incredibly fun programs that will not only add extraordinary value to your program, but leave your group feeling engaged, valued & meaningfully connected to one another.

A full suite of programming resources is available to you, including activity books, online tutorials, free downloads and a wide variety of professional development training workshops.


Get Started Right Away

Often the hardest part of designing & leading a program is knowing where to start. Start your search by browsing by Activity Type, Program Outcome or the particular Learning Theme/Focus of your program by clicking one of the links below.