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Group guessing the minute mystery game.

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Minute Mysteries

Series of mini-mysteries which foster critical thinking.

Think Ball

Thought-provoking variation of traditional baseball.


We Connect Cards

Set of question cards to inspire meaningful conversations.

Black Magic

Fun mind-reading lateral-thinking exercise for groups.

Year Of The Coin

Revealing get-to-know-you exercise using a common prop.


Fast-paced, frenetic word game to inspire creativity.

Name That List

Novel group initiative to test memory skills.

Push Catch

Challenging, quick-reflex exercise for small groups.

Pretty Darn Quick

Quick, energetic & dynamic tag game for small groups.

Snowball Toss

Fun reflection exercise that fosters open dialogue.

Mighty Wind

Energetic, team-based competition with a unique challenge.

101 Line-Up Ideas

Dozens of fun & engaging ways to arrange groups in...

Unofficial Start

Strategies that facilitate early engagement & interaction.

Human Boggle

Team-based adaptation of the commercial game Boggle.

Capture The Flags

Exhausting variant of a classic team-based wide game.


An easy, fast-paced game for large groups.

Bum Steer

Amusing get-to-know-you-better stunt for all groups.

Big Ups

Simple, yet powerful jumping exercise for pairs.


Active guessing game to sharpen observation skills.

Starts With

Simple processing exercise using alphabet letter set.

Four-Letter Word

Highly interactive ice-breaker, energiser & team event.

Octopus Tag

Highly energetic tag game which inspires collaboration.

Synchro Clap

Infectious & rhythmic series of collaborative claps.


Fun & intriguing word & letter game for small groups.