Large group of penguins showing how to grab your group's attention

How To Get Your Group’s Attention

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode shares a variety of simple and fun strategies to help you get your group’s attention without losing your voice. In…

Two boys playing soccer portraying six simple principles of play

Six Simple Principles of Play

I’m excited to share a wonderful framework, developed by Playworks, to help you create fun, free and totally inclusive moments of play with your groups….

Back to Back reflection activity

Quick Reflection Tip & Attention-Grabber

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode shares one of the most useful, quick-sharing strategies for grabbing the attention of a restless group of people. This exercise…

Coffee cups of character strengths. Photo: Nathan Dumlao

What Are Your Character Strengths?

In the early 2000s, scientists began to study character. A three-year project involving dozens of distinguished scientists devoted to studying character traits throughout history was launched….

Stop sign indicating when is a good time to stop an activity,, ideally to stop an activity before it wanes

When To Stop An Activity

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode shares some useful insights to help you know when to stop an activity before it’s too late. Timing the conclusion…