musical co-operation by groups of young people on swings

An Exercise in Musical Cooperation

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… along comes this magical and hypnotic giant public instrument made up of 21 swings which inspires a…

Group of people not a team-building program

This Is Not A Team-Building Program

A colleague, Jeffrey ‘Goose’ Gosnell, reported last week that he has chosen to stop using the term ‘team-building’ when speaking with prospective clients at his…

More play with two girls playing with balloons

More Play, Less School

Here’s a MUST READ ESSAY from Dr Peter Gray, professor of psychology at Boston College, which implores educational systems around the world to introduce more…

Complex chart showing unexpected results

The Future Is Diverse & Unexpected

Here’s a terrific TEDx Talk by Frans Johansson, which will inspire you to look at how two apparently unrelated things, can create totally unexpected results….