Young child playing in woods marking healthy human development. Photo credit: Janko Ferlic

Play is Essential to Human Development

Adding to my post a few days ago, I offer this further understanding of the benefits of integrating ‘play’ into your curriculum. Extensive research has…

Neon sign displaying definition of play. Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

A Definition of Play

I make a very simple request at the start of all of my professional development & training workshops – I invite my group to play….

dice used in dropping dice game. Phot credit: Mike Szczepanski

Scattered Points, by Karl Rohnke

Here’s another game involving dice direct from one of the true pioneers of adventure programming – Karl Rohnke. Mentor, player, good friend, and one of…

Two white dice to play fun table activity. Photo credit: Lea Bohm

The Dice Game – Fun Table Activity

I don’t get many opportunities to be a participant, but I took advantage of US-based facilitator Jim Cain‘s workshop tour of Australia this month to learn…